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2nd Anniversary Sale Gift Voucher - Terms & Conditions

This Discount Coupon issued by SWAPNA WEDDINGS. However, please note the following terms and conditions:

  1. The coupon is not applicable for offer-issued items.

  2. Only one promotion can be applied per bill.

  3. Please contact the store manager to inquire about brands or products excluded from this offer.

  4. The coupon is valid from 20-03-2023 to 10-05-2023.

  5. It can be used only once for its full value.

  6. Any utilized portion of the coupon shall not be refunded.

  7. Present the original coupon to the cashier before settling the bill.

  8. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or smaller denominations of coupons.

  9. Combining multiple bills or offers is not allowed to avail of the discount.

  10. SWAPNA WEDDINGS will not be responsible for loss, misuse, damages, or stolen coupons used by the bearer.

  11. No duplicate coupon or compensation will be provided in lieu of the same.

  12. Cash refunds (full or partial) against this coupon are not provided.

  13. In case of loss, no replacement or compensation is permissible.

  14. The gift coupon is not valid for return goods bills.

  15. This coupon cannot be used against the purchase of tailoring services in the store.

  16. The gift voucher can be redeemed only at our Eramaloor new Store.

  17. SWAPNA WEDDINGS reserves the right to alter terms and conditions of the coupon without prior notice.

  18. For more details, please contact the store in-charge.

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